Beautiful code is a beautiful thing


My name is Greg and I like to build things. What kinds of things? Software, houses, sandcastles... anything really. I love to build, and the common theme has always been beauty: beauty in design, beauty in construction, beauty in purpose.


You can't get far without a plan. I learned (and am still learning...) that the hard way. You need to know where you're going and determine the best way to get there, and you need to start with beauty. If you start with beauty you'll end with beauty.


The fun part. We all love diving into a project and getting our hands dirty. Construction is opportunity to create somthing out of nothing, to add beauty to the world where it previously did not exist. I see what I build as a reflection of myself and who I am in that moment, and I strive for that to be the best it possibly can.


What I build needs purpose. That could mean many things: solving a problem, helping a stranger, putting a smile on your face. Whatever it may be, purpose is fundamental. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.